Question 1Discuss the varous cultural differences in gender.
Also give a comment to these 3 posts

1. Gender roles are learned from birth girls wear pink boys wear blue its implanted in them from infants to carry their gender roles. Boys are rough girls are gentle caring and loving. Through interactions is how many people learn their gender roles and evolve from there. However its different in every culture. Every culture has standard roles for each gender. For instance in Egypt woman are still fighting for their rights. Men will always be superior to woman and it is unfortunate that even in 2014 woman still face this difference. Woman will unite together to show that they are just as equal in the U.S and have proven it woman go to combat, they become managers and have roles just the same as men. However in other 3rd world countries its inevitable to have woman be equal to men or try to or they will end up being dead unfortunately. Women have roles to be housewife’s take care of the house, kids and make food for the husband. In certain countries their not even allowed to go out shopping but the man of the house will do so. The U.S gender roles have changed. Men nowadays can stay home and be the role of the woman cook clean and raise the kids. The tradition has changed now we have a society where woman and men carry the same roles and share some of the responsibilities. Stereotypes many people see nowadays are woman who are managers act so manly to now show there weak compared to men who are much nicer. This is one many can agree with in the workfield. 
2  rom my readings, I have discovered that..
Men are viewed as active, strong, critical, conscientious, extraverted and open and Women are viewed as passive, weak, nurturing, adaptive, agreeable and neurotic. But, in different countries gender roles may have a different twist than we will see in the U.S. So, for some examples, in Asia women were encouraged to stay home and be creative by taking care of all the homely duties, but now women have taken a different approach and have stronger personalities  to have equal opportunities as a male. In North America and Europe it is believed that women and men are equal, but again it seems like women are coming out and being more vocal about their careers and well-beings. In South America, women are welcomed in all areas to contribute their ideas, but they also contracted a big focus on family. The men play the "macho" role, but also show a sensitive side when they are with their families and they are respected for those roles.?Personally, in the U.S. at least I speak for myself, I dont think I would have been able to survive as a women who stayed in the house. I am naturally independent and according to my husband "wears the pants", but I do what I have to do without hesitation or without begging because I know what needs to be done and want to get it done. But, every culture/country has their own way of operating until someone finds a better way of doing it, until then everyone follows suit. Im used to taking care of everything so its hard for me to just sit back and let things go if I had to. I like the diversity though.

3. I found this video to be very accurate & enlightening.  As Iwatched it all I kept thinking is , wow! look what we teach our children. Watching this video is like looking from the outside in. We forget that they are like sponges and observe everything we say and do. They have those ideas and perceptions of what female & male roles are "suppose" to be by watching and listening to their parents and society. We embedded those gender roles in their heads without even realizing it because it was embedded in us. It's very interesting.
The way the world is today, women being in the workforce as much as men, I don't agree with labeling the women as the gender who cleans, or stays at home taking care of the children and vice versa. I also don't think a man can continue to be labeled as the only breadwinner because that is no longer the situation in most households. We have to reevaluate what we our teaching our future generations.

Question 2Analyze the Gender roles today. Length 1 to  2 pages. Use citations.Include you own thoughts , viewpoints, observations & experiences. Do not copy any articles or book references.
Are there different gender roles and expectations in today`s society? If so what are they?
Do any of you argree or disagree with C  Sandburg`s book Lean In?