Qualities of A Good Thesis Statement

Qualities of A Good Thesis Statement

A thesis statement appears at the beginning of a paper. In all instances, it has to appear at the beginning of the introductory paragraph or at the end of the same paragraph. The thesis sums up the main ideas of the paper.

A thesis statement is analogous to a movie trailer. A good movie trailer keeps the audience coming back to watch more. Similarly, a good thesis statement exhibits the same characteristics, and it makes the readers want to consume more of the article.

A well-structured thesis statement enables readers to understand clearly the basis of an essay. The statement also acts as a guide to the writer and prevents him or her from deviating from the main topic. A good thesis statement should also convince the reader.

A good thesis statement must have the following qualities:

  1. The thesis should be focused and not broad. The argument should narrow down to a single topic and not a broad one in an essay.Focussing on a broad topic leads to a state of confusion and loss of direction.
  2. The statement should also be debatable. It must create other minor arguments within itself.
  3. The statement must also pick a side. An argumentative essay should be based on taking sides. It is not wise to argue both sides of a topic in a thesis statement. Take a side and define your stand with well-constructed arguments.
  4. A good thesis statement must propose claims that will be later addressed in the paper. A thesis statement should just be a summary of the claims. In the next sections of the essay, it is important to support every claim with credible evidence.