eBusiness - Task 1 Overview
Task 1: Develop an online business expansion proposal.

1.   	Viability of product or service
a.   	What is the business’s case for making the changes to the website?
b.  	Why does it make sense to go online?
c.   	Discuss advantages and challenges of going online.

2.   	Current Online Competitor Assessment
a.   	What’s going on in the marketplace?
            i. Trends
            ii. Concepts
b.  	Analyze top THREE competitor’s websites. (Who does a little or close to what your business does?)
       	i. Talk about same objective for each competitor. Examples are:
1.   	Social Media
2.   	Ecommerce (Ability to pay online)
3.   	CRM
4.   	International Consideration

3.   	Online Marketing Suggestions & Strategies
a.   	Talk about your market.
            i. Discuss your customer base and demographics.
            ii. Why are you going after those?
b.  	Identify competitive advantages, target audience and online branding for client. (Use the Marketing resources in the COS.)
            i. How can you set yourself apart from the competitors?
            ii. How can you improve the customer experience?
c.   	Explain three to five online strategies you can use to let your customers and non-customers know about the changes to your website.
            i. Define each strategy.
1.   	Discuss how each strategy benefits the Company.
2.   	Discuss how each Strategy benefits the Customer.
*Note that each strategy should be discussed in 1 or 2 paragraphs.*

4.   	 Social Media Integration
a.   	Talk about the different aspects of Social Media.
b.  	Pick a couple different options: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, etc…
            i. Discuss why you selected Social Media (Facebook for example).
            ii. How does that Social Media fit with the demographic and customer base?
            iii. How does that social Media benefit the customer base and the company?

eBusiness - Task 2 Overview
Task 2: Develop an online business expansion proposal.

1.   	E-Commerce Solutions (Ability to Pay Online)
a.   	Keep the company and the customer perspective in mind.
            i. Discuss the vendor you are going to use.
            ii. How will the vendor benefit the company?
            iii. How will the vendor benefit

2.   	Search Engine Considerations & Optimization Strategies
a.   	Explain Importance of SEO
b.  	Give specific recommendations and strategies. Choose three or four strategies
            i. Define the strategies you chose and why
            ii. How can you make sure your company lists on the first or second page if a person was to search Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc..?
            iii. How does the strategy benefit the customer?
            iv. How does the strategy benefit the company?

3.   	International Consideration
a.   	Make sure your website is global friendly.
b.  	How are you going to integrate the following points into the website?
            i. Market
            ii. International Strategy
            iii. Organizational
           	iv. Language
            v. Cultural
            vi. Infrastructure
          	vii. Currency
4.   	Online Customer Relationship Management
a.   	Need to have an outbound Strategy.
            i.Keeping a connection with the customers in between each time they buy off of the website.
            ii. How to connect (outbound) with the customers to get them back to the website?
            iii. Once the customer gets to the website, what information is important to the company and why? (Examples: How long was the customer on the website, areas visited, did they order a product or service, etc…)
b.  	CRM software
            i. Which CRM Software program is recommend and why?
            ii. How are they going to capture data from the customers for the business?
c.   	Improvement of customer experience
            i. How to use this information to better the customer experience?
eBusiness - Task 3 Overview
Task 3

Part A: Sitemap
 Create a sitemap for the website proposed for the online expansion. The sitemap is very similar to an organization chart.  Your sitemap needs to match the Menu Bar within your website mockups.
There are many programs you can use for this task.
1.   	MS Word - Templates
2.   	MS Excel - Templates
3.   	MS PowerPoint- Templates

Part B: 3 Website Mockup Pages
1.   	Must be 3 pages of what you want the website to look like.
a.   	Menu Bar, Header, Footer must all be in the same place on each page
b.  	Content is the only thing that is different on each page of the mock up.
c.   	Align these mock up’s with the Website index.
There are many programs you can use for this task.
A.  	MS Publisher
B.  	MS PowerPoint
C.  	MS Word
D.  	Website providers you can use: Google sites, webs.com, wordpress.com, wix.com, and many others.
Part C: Projected Web Development & Maintenance Cost
a.   	Give a brief overview of the entire website.
            i. Who are you going to use?
1.   	CRM software, vendors, etc
b.  	Cost (This is your recommendation you are implementing.)
           	i. All cost associated with creating a website.
c.   	Create a Table or use Excel explaining all components of the website cost (monthly or annually).
          	i. Example: Domain, host, development, maintenance, CRM software, etc. 
d.  	Describe each cost and what it includes.