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3. The purpose of human resource planning is to ensure that organisational objectives are met through the effective utilisation of an organisation’s human resources. It is essentially an ongoing process, focused on the long term, but cognisant of changes in both the internal and external environments in which these organisations operate. Define human resource planning (HRP) and explain its crucial relationship with strategic organisational planning. Identify a company or organisation that does this well or poorly and use it to illustrate your arguments.

The individual essay should be no longer than 2500 words, exclusive of appendices and references which are not counted. Students are required to undertake research to locate a total of ten (10) academic references with five (5) being peer-reviewed academic journal references and further five (5) quality academic texts as outlined in the workshop/lectures and on-line materials. In total you should have ten (10) references.

The assessment criteria below provides an outline of what is required and also aims to give you general feedback to help you improve the standard and quality of your work in the future:

    Key issues relating to the question have been developed
    Original and clear argument
    Logical and convincing discussion
    Ideas and assertions substantiated through use of high quality reference material and key academic perspectives/views used to develop arguments
    Appropriate Harvard style referencing (in-text and list of references )
    Number and quality of references
    Clear and comprehensive written style (spelling, grammar, syntax etc.)