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Do tolerance to, and dependence on, psychoactive drugs always develop together?


You have chosen a relevant. Also, you need to revise your question to an open ended question. The one you have now can be answer with yes and no. Please revise. Using what, how, when, why

Have you found any peer reviewed articles that support your questions. Also, have thought to narrow it down to a specific area, such as age, gender etc… What articles are available for that can help you answer or shed light on your question. Also, make sure these peer reviewed articles are within the last 5 years.

I think in general we all can say someone under the influence can not make rational decisions. Once an addict i believe that reasoning, rationality and judgement is completely impared on many of levels. They have brought their body into a danger zone. Their thinking isnt logically where it should be becausde they are thinking and acting like an addict. What do you think?>

Assignment 2: Selecting Your References

Along the way in this module you will need to gather a minimum of ten (10) scholarly research articles you plan on using for your final research paper. APA-formatted literature reviews always include a references page. The references page cites every article you have mentioned in your literature review. To view a sample references page, view the sample APA paper in Doc Sharing, visit the” href=””> Web site to view other sample papers, and consult your textbooks.

Part I

Based on the feedback you received from your peers and your instructor on your research/focal question and your search of the literature, finalize your research question, and submit it on page 1 of your submission.

Part II

Select at least ten (10) scholarly research articles related to your chosen focal/research question. These should be articles that you intend to review, critique, or include in some other way when writing your literature review/final paper.

Create a draft of an APA-formatted references page, including each of the research articles you have selected.

Note the following important points:
The references must be in alphabetical order.
References should be double-spaced.
Hanging indents must be used. (The first line of the reference is flushed left to the margin while all subsequent lines of a single reference are indented five spaces from the left-hand margin.

Part III

Include a title page in APA format with your submission.

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