PSYC 2301-Research suggest that romantic background music

Subject: Mathematics    / Statistics

10. Research suggest that romantic background music increases the likelihood that a woman will give her phone number to a man she has just met (Gueguen & Jacob, 2010). In the study, women spent time in a waiting room with background music playing. In one condition, the music was a popular love song and for the other condition the music was a neutral song. The participant was then moved to another room in which she was instructed to discuss two food products with a young man. The men were part of the study and were selected because they had been rated as average in attractiveness. The experimenter returned to end the study and asked the pair to wait alone for a few minutes. During this time, the man used a scripted line to ask the woman for her phone number. The following table presents data similar to those obtained in the study, showing the number of women who did or did not give their numbers for each music condition.

phone number no number

Romantic Music 21 19 40

Neutral Music 9 31 40


30 30

Is there a significant difference between the two types of music? Test with ox=.05