PSY496: Applied Project-Week 3 Assignment

Subject: Psychology    / General Psychology

PSY496: Applied Project-Week 3 Assignment-Fresh Work Only!!!

Final Paper Draft

This paper should represent a significant academic effort that draws upon empirical and conceptual evidence presented in professional publications of psychology and related fields and is organized as a review of the literature. It is expected that students will utilize a variety of resources including literature databases, academic journals, books, and other scientific sources. Non peer-reviewed Internet sources are not acceptable for the literature review.

The paper will represent a fair and comprehensive review of relevant literature, that is organized around a thesis statement.

Your paper should be organized as follows (approximate page lengths):
I.Title Page (one page)
III.Introduction (one page)
IV.Review of Literature – Link (five to seven pages)
A.Peer Reviewed articles and studies are chosen
B.Chosen references pertain directly to student’s thesis
C.References are well summarized and support student discussion

V.Reference Page (one page)