PSY/405 Humanistic & Existential Personality Theories Paper/Matrix

Subject: Psychology    / General Psychology

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Okay, here’s what I need help on:

Completethe Humanistic and Existential Personality TheoriesMatrix, using the text, the University Library, the Internet, and other resources.

Preparea 300- to 500-word analysis of the strengths and limitations of the theories listed in explaining individuals’ behavior. Address the following:

Analyze how humanistic and existential theories affect individual personalities.
Explain how humanistic and existential theories influence interpersonal relationships.

Attachyour matrix to your analysis when you submit it to your facilitator. I have included a sample of last weeks matrix.

Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines. Please make sure to utilize the Center for Writing Excellence/ Individual Academic Skills Assistance/ Student Writing Workshops and have your paper proofread before submitting.

This is a two part tutorial. One paper and one filled out matrix. Thank you so very much.
Psychodynamic+Matrix.doc (39.5 KB)