Provide a brief summary of the new program activity you devised

Subject: Business    / Management

Write a 300-500 word paper that answers the following questions… Remember do not exceed the word count. Remember, to answer the following questions you will need to look back at the previous question that I asked you. These questions are asking you about the new program that you wrote for me recently. The new program for the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency was entitled, “Twenty-four Hours Interaction program”.

1. Provide a brief summary of the new program activity you devised in last week’s written assignment for your Scenario B agency. Always assume that your reader is unfamiliar with your program idea.
2. Briefly explain the differences between the two evaluation plan types (project-wide and objective-oriented) in general and as they relate to your new program.
3. Discuss whether you would use a project-wide evaluation plan or an objective-oriented evaluation plan for your new program activity.
4. Explain why you preferred the one plan over the other for your new program…more explanation than “it seems like it would be easier” or “it would take less time” is expected – why will your choice benefit your new program more than the other option?
Make sure that the answer to the questions is in your own words. If you cannot remember what you wrote for the new program, take a look back at my previous question. Question 1, is asking you to briefly summarize the new program, which is Twenty-four Hours Interaction program.