Proper training is one of the main tools in maintaining a successful OHS program

Subject: Business    / Management

Proper training is one of the main tools in maintaining a successful OHS program. With out training, all the industry’s policies & procedures are just words in writing. Unfortunately, not everyone seems the same way. Security training can be viewed as a burden to company, and in many situations, will only be done because they have to do it. How often seen the phrase, “we just don’t have time to do it”? In the set of priorities, it has been nearby the lower part, but when considering cuts, it’s always nearby the top. Getting everyone to the actual training can sometimes feel daunting, and getting all the managers employed is not always easy.

In this case analysis, your group will discuss the several challenges you’ve confronted within your industries with when it comes to safety training.

1. Produce a couple of different challenges you have experienced to promoting protection training, and determine if there are any parallels between your group.

2. Discuss the several methods you might have used in engaging management towards safety training, and promote your top 5 strategies.

3. Regarding what ways should Elderly Management be involved in your safety program?

4. Exactly what are the great things about having Senior Management included in the safety program?

5. If senior management feels safety training is a waste of your energy, what key points could you show convince them otherwise?

6. Precisely what is the KEY takeaway your group has learned from this example?