Project Title:	Analysis of Motorist Behavior at Railroad Grade Crossings

Project Background:

One of the main concerns that the railroad and traffic industries is the danger of segments where sharing the same road segment presents potential for crashes at railroad grade crossings. This scenario is often the result of unsafe actions of drivers such as rushing the gates to beat an oncoming train. Accidents at grade crossings are a significant concern due to the severe and most-likely fatal consequences of a crash between a train and a motor vehicle.

Problem Statement:

A sizeable proportion of crashes between trains and motor vehicles are the result of driver error. To understand drivers’ decisions and actions, the motorists’ behavior must be observed and analyzed in order to find possible solutions that may contribute to the decrease of the number of crashes and consequently result in saving precious lives. 


To decrease the dangerous adverse actions of motorists at railroad grade crossings.

Wen Cheng, PhD, P.E. 

Proposed Methodology:

Various railroad grade crossing data will be recorded to observe motorists’ behavior including but not limited to:
-	Type of traffic control devices
-	Geometry and degree angle of intersection crossing
-	Number of illegal U-turns.
-	Red light running
-	Gate rushes to beat train (speeding up as gates are lowered)
-	Taking alternate route
-	Reversing to another route
-	Generally unsafe maneuvers