(1)	Draw a project network from the following information. What activity(s) is a burst activity? What activity(s) is a merge activity?

ID Description Predecessor
A: Contract signed None
B: Survey Designed A
C: Target Market Identified B
D: Data Collection B, C
E: Develop Presentation B
F: Analyze Results D
G: Demographics C
H. Presentation E, F, G

(2) J.Wold, project manager of Print Software, Inc, wants you to prepare a project network, compute the early, late, and slack activity times; determine the planned project duration; and identify the critical path. His assistant has collected the following information for the Color Printer Drivers Software Project:

ID Description Predecessor Time 
A External specifications None 8 
B Review design features A 2 
C Document new features A 3 
D Write software A 60 
E Program and test B 60 
F Edit and publish notes C 2 
G Review manual D 2 
H Alpha site E,F 20 
I Print manual G 10 
J Beta site H,I 10 
K Manufacture J 12 
L Release and ship K 3 

3. Given the following information, draw the project network. Compute the early, late, and slack times for the project network. Which activities on the critical path have only the start or finish of the activity on the critical path?

ID Duration Finish-to-start Finish-to-start Lag Additional Lag Relationship Lag
A 2 None 0 None 0
B 4 A 0 None 0
C 6 A 0 Finish-finish C to F 7
D 8 A 0 None 0
E 18 B 0 Finish-finish E to G 9
C 10
F 2 D 0 None
G 5 F 0 Start-start G to H 10
H 5 None 0 None 0
I 14 E 0 Finish-finish I to J 5
J 15 G, H 0 None 0