The process of communicating information about a job vacancy is referred to as

The process of communicating information about a job vacancy is referred to as

The process of communicating information about a job vacancy is referred to as

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The process of communicating information about a job vacancy on company bulletin boards, in employee publications, on corporate intranets, and anywhere else an organization communicates with employees is referred to as:

job postings.

external hiring.

employment referral.

a workforce utilization review.

direct sourcing.

In most organizations, the first step in the personnel selection process is:

verifying the applicants’ qualifications through reference and background checks.

negotiating with the employee regarding salary and benefits.

screening the applications to see who meet the basic requirements for the job.

administering tests and reviewing work samples to rate the candidates’ abilities.

inviting candidates with the best abilities to the organization for one or more interviews.

The _____ of an employment test is indicated by the extent to which the test scores relate to actual job performance.






Which of the following statements is true of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1991?

Employers can ask pre-employment questions to investigate disabilities.

Interviewers are prohibited from asking a candidate if he or she can meet the attendance requirements for a job.

Interviewers are permitted to ask candidates the number of sick leaves he or she took at his or her previous job.

Employers are permitted to use employment physical exams that could reveal a psychological or physical disability for making hiring decisions.

Employers are required to make reasonable accommodation to disabled individuals.

Which of the following is a permissible question to ask in job applications and interviews?

How would you feel about working for someone younger than you?

Are you a citizen of the United States?

What religious holidays do you observe?

Where were you born?

Will you need any reasonable accommodation for this job position?

Marianna Baxter attends an interview for the position of a paralegal at one of the biggest law firms in the country. During the interview, she is asked a particular question which she refuses to answer. Frustrated by her behavior, the interviewer repeats the question. She refuses to answer it again and says that it violates her rights under equal employment opportunity law. Which of the following is most likely the question she was asked?

What is your complete name?

What is your ancestry?

Can you meet the requirements of strict work schedules?

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

What organizations or groups do you belong to that you consider relevant to being able to perform this job?

Which of the following is a requirement under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986?

Employers must verify and maintain records on the legal rights of applicants to work in the United States.

Employers must file a completed Form I-9 with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and retain the documents for at least ten years.

Employers must pay lower wages to immigrant workers.

Employers must verify the legal age of employees who do not hold American citizenship.

Employers must ask a potential employee’s religion.

What is a disadvantage of using résumés as a source of information about job applicants?

It is a relatively expensive method of gathering information.

It does not allow applicants to highlight accomplishments.

Review of résumés is least valid when the content of the résumés is evaluated in terms of the elements of a job description.

It is biased in favor of the employer.

The content of the résumé is controlled by the applicant.

Review of résumés is most valid when the content of the résumés is evaluated in:

terms of the elements of a job description.

comparison with other applicants’ qualifications.

terms of the incumbent’s competencies.

terms of the industrial benchmarks.

comparison with other employees in an organization.

Generally, an organization checks references:

only if it believes the information provided by an applicant is incorrect.

immediately after an applicant submits a résumé.

after it has determined that an applicant is a finalist for a job.

because it is a legal requirement under equal employment opportunity laws.

because it is an unbiased source of information.

Which of the following is NOT a rule for drug testing?

Drug testing should be administered systematically to all applicants who have applied for the same job.

Drug test reports should not be sent to applicants.

Drug testing should be conducted for employees working in jobs that involve safety hazards.

Drug testing should not be conducted in an intrusive environment.

Drug-testing programs should allow for strict confidentiality of results.

Which of the following is true about medical examinations of job candidates?

Medical examinations may not be related to job requirements.

Medical examinations are conducted upon the receipt of a candidate’s résumé.

Medical examinations are conducted specifically for individuals with disabilities.

Medical examinations that measure size and strength can never be used for a job.

Medical examinations are conducted after a candidate has been given a job offer.

Which of the following statements is true of selection decisions?

They should be a simple matter of whom the supervisor likes best.

They should only observe confidence in job candidates to assert competence of candidates.

They should be based on which candidate best fits a job position.

They should be a simple matter of which candidate will take the lowest offer.

They should only be based on assessments of candidates’ intelligence and leadership qualities.

Identify the benefit of relying on internal recruitment sources.


They are likely to promote diversity in terms of race and sex.


They minimize the impact of political considerations in the hiring decision.


They are generally cheaper and faster than other means.


They expose an organization to new ideas or new ways of doing business.


They are well suited to recruit people for specialized upper-level positions.

Harriett wants to apply for position. She calls the recruiter who advertised this vacancy to learn more about the job. The recruiter gives some background information about the positive and negative aspects of the postion to Harriett. Which of the following terms refers to the job information given by the recruiter?


Vacancy analysis


Substantive job criticism


Pragmatic job survey


Realistic job preview


Role examination