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You recently heard from a friend at ABC Company that there will be a managerial position opening at the company within the next two weeks. The position has not yet been posted but from what your friend has explained this could be your dream job.

Your friend gives you the name of the hiring manager for that area (Mary Smith) but asks you to please not use his name when applying for the job since the information he’s told you is currently confidential. You’ve decided not to waitfor the job to be posted and have elected to contact the hiring manager immediately:

For this assignment you will need to prepare a paper addressing how you would go about applying for this position. Within your paper address the following questions:

What would be the best way to contact the hiring manager? By mail, email or by phone? Explain and support your selection.
How would you explain that you know about this position without identifying your friend?
Since you don’t know the specifics for the position, what questions should you be prepared to ask and what information should you be prepared to discuss with the hiring manager?
What are the downsides (negatives) of contacting the hiring manager now?


Discussion Board 4 paragraphs

Use the internet to search for online job websites and identify two (2) managerial positions in the same field as your degree. For each position (report information for each position in separate paragraphs) identify:

a. The name of the job search site where the position is posted

b. The title of the position.

c. The name of organization/company

d. Educational requirements

e. Technical requirements

f. Application requirements (is the application completed at the job search site, at the company website, by fax, or by mail)

Aside from searching online what other sources of information can you use to identify open employment positions?
Do you believe career planning and searching can be successful if conducted solely online?
Should you consider expanding your search to look for positions internationally (in other countries)? If so, why? If not, why not?

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