Problem in Indonesia AgroIndustry

1. The sustainability of Production:

a) When harvesting season the certain product will be abundant thus the price will tend to be lowered, when the season is gone then the availability of product will decrease (limited) then the price will increase.

b) For small scale farming, the technology and land is very limited

2. Less/Lack information of market option by Farmer (controlled by middleman)

3. Long supply chain (controlled by middleman)

4. Low bargaining power from the Farmer side (the middle man will take big advantage)

5. Price fluctuation (related to the sustainability of production)

6. Lack of Market information

7. The unclarity of marketing network

8. Low quality of product *middleman control the market, they buy crops by lumpsump making the farmer highly less profit, they sometimes give loan to make the farmer dependent to them

To address some of problems above, I will create web/apps based technology to help farmer to sell their product straightly/directly to the market. I choose B2B because it will accommodate big quantity and the farmer I interviewed to be bought in big quantity not by small quantity (personal buy)

I have questions to you:

1. From problems I stated above (1­8), do you have any more problems to be added???, I assume the problem in your country may have the same problem in my country, I do really need inputs.

2. What innovation and technological aspect should I propose and accommodate inside the web/apps to make solution about my problems? If it is possible clearly differentiate between the product and the technology.

3. To make it clear I also provide my rough business model canvas (, you can give any inputs in my business model canvas if you want and explain.