Discuss how the Principles of Causation have aided you to successfully compete in the Marketplace simulation. Use the framework reproduced below. You need to show that you understand the principles and how such knowledge assisted your competitive effort. Illustrate your answer with at least two specific examples where the application of the “principles” will enable you to compete successfully in the remaining quarters. Include enough detail that I can evaluate your grasp of the principles. Also include a brief discussion of “productivity”.

Causation (Goal Oriented Activity)

Basic requirements

1. Association between cause (C) and effect (E);

2. Time order of occurrence (C precedes E);

3. a) Elimination of alternative explanations
b) Model the causal process.

Complicating issues:

i) Uncontrollable factors
-natural variation
-competitive response

ii) Interaction effects (e.g. nature of a “sale”)

iii) Lagged (delayed) effects

iv) Non-linear response patterns

v) Multiple effects

vi) Impact of nature of target market or context