Crescent View High School Class The computer science instructor at Crescent View High School asked you to visit his class and give a presentation about project management. You have just a few days to prepare, and you need to develop a presentation that describes project management tools and techniques. You can be creative, and you might want to include examples of actual projects that you know about. In any case, try to describe how projects are planned, scheduled, monitored, and reported upon. Your presentation should consist of five to seven slides with notes about what you are going to talk about that include the following: Complete this with Microsoft Word text and outline ONLY. DO NOT create a PowerPoint presentation.

Tasks 1. Prepare opening comments that give the class an overview of project management.

. Provide the class with a glossary of the most important project management terms and definitions.

3. Think of a common event like buying a new home, and show the class how a project manager might handle the matter.

4. Create a short scenario with four to six tasks, some of which depend on each other. Develop a sample answer that you will show students after you give them a chance to analyze the tasks. (The sample answer should show at a minimum the tasks, their durations and dependencies, a PERT and/or Gantt chart, and critical path.)