Pre-Test Including Scoring Criteria

Pre-Test Including Scoring Criteria

Question Pre-Test Including Scoring Criteria

1. Design an assessment plan (pre-test) to monitor student progress toward the learning goals identified in last assignment. The assessment should authentically measure student learning and should include both performance-based and criteria-based tasks.

2. Insert this pre-test into the Assessment Plan

3. Administer the pre-test.

4. Compile the results of the pre-test.

Pre-Test Data: Whole Class

1. Complete the Pre-Test Data: Whole Class section using the data compiled from the pre-test.

Pre-Test Analysis: Whole Class

1. Review the national or state academic content standards, learning goals, and measurable objectives identified in the previous step.

2. Identify any changes that should be made to these elements and insert your changes into the Pre-Test Analysis: Whole Class section of the TWS.

Post-Test Including Scoring Criteria

Insert the post-test.

Research Connection

1. Use a peer-reviewed or professional journal to expound on a topic within this standard.

2. Write a 3-5 bullet summary of the literature source.