post university Eng 207 Audience Analysis [ unit 2 ]

post university Eng 207 Audience Analysis [ unit 2 ]


Choose a setting - yourneighborhood, workplace, a classroom, etc. Base your audience analysis and questionnaire on the speech you will give for the topic you picked in the assignment above. Develop an audience analysis for this speech.

1. Use your neighborhood orworkplace and conduct an audience analysis. Be as thorough and specific aspossible.

2. Design a questionnaire using all3 questioning methods ‚Äď Fixed Alternative, Scale, Open-Ended (create 2questions for each method).Use theattached Audience Analysis sheet for your research.
You may also include your questionnaire on the Demographic Audience Analysissheet.

How to get an A:

  1. Use all of the information on theDemographic Audience Analysis (if one or two pieces of information is notrelevant or not available, do your best to guess).
  2. Createa thorough questionnaire with two good questions for each method. These questions should help you frame a greatspeech.