Sport Marketing Quarterly Review #1


The purpose of this assignment is for students to review “real world” sport situations and the decisions being made. Students can access Sport Marketing Quarterly via the Post library.

Each student will write a journal article review from Sport Marketing Quarterly. The articles must come from a 2010-2015 edition. The review will be a minimum of two full pages (not inclusive of your reference page which will be typed in APA format). You will bring in a minimum of two academic sources (NOTincluding your textbook) to support your journal article review. Your reviews will be typed in twelve point type and double spaced.

The format for the review (starting at the top of page one, not double-spaced) will be:

    Line 1 = Students name
    Line 2 = Date the assignment is due
    Line 3 = Sport Marketing Quarterly Volume # and Issue #
    Line 4 = Title of the article and page(s) where the article can be found

You will then skip two lines and start writing your review
You will divide your review into sections. The sections will include the following:

    Section 1 = Summarize the article in your own words. Be specific and include the who, what, when, why, and where of the article.
    Section 2 = Give your opinion of the article and the sport marketing situation
    Section 3 = Relate the article to other similar sport marketing situations you’ve learned about in class, that have been in the news, or that you’ve read elsewhere (sport marketing/management journals and/or our textbook)
    Section 4 = Explain how you would have handled the sport marketing situation if you had been in charge (VERY important part of the assignment, support your opinion with facts)

Please contact me with any questions per the Sport Marketing Quarterly journal article review assignment