Briefly answer the following homework questions on or before Sunday. Your Research Paper #1 is also due on Sunday (submit your paper below.)

    How can Unions secure economic gains? Explain the ramifications.
    Briefly explain why organized labor was opposed to NAFTA.
    List the forms that Union political action can take.
    Briefly explain endorsements and get-out-the-vote drives.
    List the factors that the NLRB considers to determine a bargaining unit.
    Explain the communication-related rule during organizing campaigns.
    Explain the process and implications of election certifications.
    Select for my approval one of the following topics for your paper # 3 due in unit 7:

    The Implications of Global Competitiveness on U.S. Unionization
    The Implications of Generational Culture Changes on U.S. Unionization.
    The Implications of the Great Recession of 2008 on U.S. Unionization.
    The Implications of Technological Change on U.S. Unionization.
    The Implications of Public Sector Unionization on the U.S. Economy.
    Select a topic of your choosing for my approval.