POLITICAL 2001 -1-Identify and briefly explain the policy area you selected

Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions

The assignment (2 – 3 pages):

Identify and briefly explain the policy area you selected.
Identify the major actors (individuals, groups, or organizations) that might be involved in this area and explain why they likely are involved and what roles they likely play.
Explain at least one insight you have or conclusion you can draw about public policy networks based on your analysis of your chosen area.

To prepare for this assignment:

Review Chapter 2 in your course text, focusing on the components of the public policymaking cycle, as well as the external and internal forces that influence public policymaking.
Review Chapter 4 in your course text, reflecting on how the interplay between local, state, and national governments affects public policymaking.
Consider various public policy areas: energy and environment, health care, foreign policy, economic policy, immigration, industrial relations, transportation, individual freedom, social programs, and national security. Choose one of these areas for further study.
With your chosen policy area in mind, review the websites presented in the Learning Resources this week (The Brookings Institution, Urban Institute, The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, and/or The Rand Corporation). Pay special attention to articles, news items, or other content related to your chosen policy area. (Note: You might find it helpful to conduct a keyword search of each website using the bar located in the upper right-hand corner of each homepage.)
Reflect on the major actors in your chosen public policy area. Think about which individuals, groups, and/or organizations might be involved in the policymaking process, why, and what role(s) they might play.
Consider insights or conclusions you can draw about public policy networks based on your analysis of your chosen area.