week 3 Your Policy Priority Issue

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Your Policy Priority Issue Guidelines and Grading Rubric


The purpose of this assignment is to: a) identify and reflect upon key concepts related to your planning a policymaker call b) provide empirical evidence to support new insights gained regarding your healthcare policy issue and the policymaking process, and c) present ideas in a clear, succinct, and scholarly manner.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

(CO#1) Analyze application of theories to the development of policies that affect nursing and health care. (PO 9, 10)

(CO#3) Communicate with policymakers to advocate for effective policies that affect nurses and nursing, consumers, or the health care system. (PO 2, 3, 10)

(CO#4) Analyze the historical, ethical, and political contexts of healthcare policy and the consequences of policy implementation. (PO 6, 10)

(CO#6) Investigate the interrelationship between policy decisions and evidence-based practice. (PO 4, 7, 10)

Due Date Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 3

Total Points:175 points


Assignment Criteria for Presentation:

1. Provide an introduction to your healthcare policy-priority issue and the title or name of your legislator.

2. Articulate key points under each of the Formulating a Healthcare Policy Ungraded Worksheet #1 sections.

3. Provide a critique of empirical evidence that supports your chosen healthcare policy-priority issue and analysis.

4. Demonstrate the importance and impact of the chosen healthcare policy-priority issue to nursing.

5. Provide concluding statements summarizing the content.

6. The paper will be a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of five pages in length, in APA format 6th edition, excluding the title and reference page.

Preparing the Paper

After completing Formulating a Healthcare Policy Ungraded Worksheet #1, address all areas on the worksheet in the body of a scholarly paper. Include a minimum of five (5) classic or current references published within the past 5 years.