Planning & Budgeting (Compile a WBS)

Assume you have bought an old, semi-furnished house and need to renovate it before moving in. Generally, renovation work can be of different categories, such as furniture, electrical equipment, plumbing, landscaping (garden), and painting. You will have to engage an external agency to get a portion of this work completed. However, before you start the whole renovation effort, you need to decide on two aspects: the amount of time required for the whole project and the cost to complete the renovation.

Determine the need to develop the WBS before defining the activities in every instance. In the given scenario, think of the different types of dependencies within the project. In your opinion, how do the activity dependencies impact the project duration? Explain why control accounts are identified in the WBS.

Determine whether a WBS is necessary for every project irrespective of its scope. Do you think a WBS is needed for a project where the scope is only to renovate the living room, which includes furniture and painting as major deliverables?

References to use

Sanghera, P. (2010) PMP® in depth: project management professional study guide for the PMP® exam.2nd ed. Boston: Course Technology/Cengage Learning. pp. 79-135

Plus minimum of 2 other relevant references.

Time required is 3rd May 2013 by 6am (BST)