Subject: Physics    / General Physics

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EXPERIMENT: Trigonometric Measurements

Data Tables:

Procedure 1:

Experimental measurement of the angles and sides of a right triangle:

Side “a” (cm)

Side “b” (cm)

Side “c” (cm)

Angle “A”

Angle “B”


59 ½ cm

41.6 cm

72.5 cm

55 degrees

35 degrees

Procedure 2:

Determination of the sides of a right triangle when the hypotenuse and one angle are measured:

Hypotenuse “c”

Angle “B”


70 cm


Procedure 3:

Determination of the hypotenuse and angles of a right triangle when the sides are measured:

Side “a”

Side “b”

Measurement (cm)



Procedure 4:

Indirect measurements of heights by trigonometry


A. Draw a triangle with sides measuring 8, 12, and 14.4 units. With a protractor measure the angles. Then compute the angles trigonometrically.

B. What would happen in your previous experiments if the wall or building were not perpendicular to the ground?

C. What uncertainty is introduced into the experiment by using a tape measure to measure the sides of the triangle?

D. To what degree of accuracy can you read a protractor?

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