Subject: Physics    / General Physics
A swamp cooler misting fan is a fan that blows air in addition to a fine mist of water. You want to make your own swamp cooler by attaching a water line to your fan whose inlet capacity is 40.0 ft3 /min of air. The meteorologist says that today’s high temperature will be 103°F and the relative humidity will be 10%. In order for you to enjoy your outdoor patio experience the air coming out of the fan must be 78°F or cooler. Approximate the swamp cooler’s operation as adiabatic cooling of air and use the psychrometric charts to aid your calculations.

A) Draw and label a process flow diagram of the swamp cooler.

B) What is the relative humidity of the adiabatically cooled air at 78°F?

C) What is the humid volume of gas at 103°F and 10% relative humidity?

D) What is the mass flow rate of dry air into the fan’s inlet?

E) What is the absolute humidity of the fan’s inlet air?

F)What is the absolute humidity of the cooled air?

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