3. Speech Three is a persuasive speech of policy. In this speech you will support or oppose a specific course of action or policy that exists either at Pepperdine or in the state of CA. Thesis statements for a policy speech will contain the words “should” or “should not.” This would include topics such as “Freshmen at Pepperdine should/should not be forced to buy meal cards/plans”; “The drinking age should/should not be lowered to 16”, “California should/should not ban gay marriage,” etc. The purpose of this speech is for the student to successfully demonstrate their knowledge of the key aspects of persuasive speaking through the use of a persuasive design, research and logical arguments. Each student will be cross-examined by the class following the speech. This persuasive speech will be 8-9 minutes in length.

Guidelines for Speech 3

This is an extemporaneous speech, 7-8 minutes in length
You will speak from a “Key-Word/Sentence Outline” as described on p. 281 of O&O.
You must cite at least one source for a “C,” 2 for a “B” and 3 or more for an “A.”
Power Point must be used in this speech.

note:i want the speech to be based on us drinking age and why it should be lowered to 18