Personal reflection

Personal reflection

Length: Minimum of a 4-page paper (double spaced, 12 point font) NOTE: The length of your paper is to be the full text and does not include the reference list or bibliography.

– Format – PDF, .doc, .docx, .rtf.

– References: In your essay, you will refer to a minimum of 8 references from the text/ course readings, videos, Discussions, and/or personal experiences to support your positions and perspectives.


Throughout the term, you have researched a wide diversity of “Art Worlds” / art sectors. You have discovered many aspects of the art and creative sectors, how they are managed, the various roles required within an organization and the many details that are very much a part of these art and creative sectors.

Your past assignments were an exploration of an arts sector that were of interest to you. You were open to new ideas and concepts of art worlds and/or art and creative sectors and you were the creator of your own art world / creative sector. You will reflect on the choices you made in your research and will share your realizations about what you discovered in that research.

You are to review your experiences with the content in this course and reflect personally to what you have discovered. Use your contributions to the discussions and your observations of other students in your reflection.

Refer to your past assignments, particularly, Listed at the end of this post

– Week 4: Personal Investigation of an Arts Sector (Art World)

– Week 6: Midterm – Identify an Art World

– Week 8: Personal Investigation of an Arts Sector (Arts World – Research &


In addition, you are to reflect on your journey through this class. Note, this is not a course evaluation, it is your personal experience expressed through a reflective paper. This is about you and your experiences. Your final paper will be aminimum 4-page reflective paper (you may write more) on your experience in this class. You will cite a minimum of 8 references from the readings, lectures, videos and/or Discussion responses to support your positions and perspectives. Include the following parameters:


  1. How has this class experience and your personal research enhanced your ability to understand the Arts and Creative Sectors?

     a) Highlight specific aspects of the course that assisted you in this understanding.

     b) How did your fellow students’ assignments and discussions contribute to your understanding?


  1. What has changed in terms of your perspective of how you now see the “arts world” and/or ”creative sectors?

      a) What specific arts sector and role would be of most interest to you?

      b) How do you see the possibility of your role and possible involvement in an “arts world” or  

          creative sector in the future?


  1. Did you encounter a “break-through moment” where you “saw” a perspective that previously was not in your experience? Describe your experience.


  1. How has this class informed your identity as a possible participant in the “business of the arts”?


  1. What other perspectives were prominent in your reflection?


For your information – A review of the questions from the Art World assignments:

NOTE – The questions below are for your reflection only. These questions are not for the Final Reflection.

This assignment consists of identifying and describing an “art world,” as the concept is established in Howard Becker’s chapter entitled, “Art Worlds and Collective Activity” (available on the course site). Drawing on Becker’s ideas, as well as those we have discussed in class during the first half of the quarter, you will write a paper that contains the following three section:


  1. identifies an art world by locating it historically, geographically, and socially

– who is primarily responsible for or identified with the “art”?

– who comprises the audience or consumer?

– where does this art-making happen?

– what time period are you looking at? what is the ‘history’ of this art world?


2. lists and explains the artistic/creative “products” that come out of this art world

– what are the kinds of art or creative items produced?

– what are important features of them with regards to aesthetics, conventions, standards, or expectations?


 3. presents an overview of the “support structures” or collective/collaborative practices and entities involved

– who is involved beyond the primary “creator(s)” in the production, distribution, or use of the art? what other

‘roles’ are there?

– what organizations, systems, entities, etc. help to allow for this art world to exist?


The assignment will be evaluated according to the following details:

  1. identifies an art world:

– explicit identification/naming of art world

– describe primary artist/creator role(s)

– establish “context” or geographic location of art world

– establish time-frame for art world


2. lists and explains artistic/creative products

– names and describe product(s)

– enrich the description with attention to aesthetics, conventions, standards or expectations for each product


3. presents an overview of “support structures”

– name and describe roles beyond “primary” artists/creative people listed in Section I.

– explain the presence/absence of other “support” structures, agencies, organizations, etc.