Personal Development Portfolio: Reflective paper

Subject: Business    / General Business
Personal Development Portfolio: Reflective paper

How has your understanding of your research study changed since this module started? This week, you will reflect on the basic research principles and knowledge that you have acquired in this module.

This final PDP Assignment aims to build on the knowledge from the module and apply this to the real world.

This Research Methods module has provided you with an understanding of the principles and skills needed in order to design and conduct business management research.

This week’s Personal Development Portfolio activity will enable you to reflect on your learning and experiences. You will consider how these concepts will apply to the next step, whether this is relating to academic research project or any other research that you may undertake for the investigation of a business problem in your professional context.
To prepare for this PDP Assignment:

Reflect on the readings you have encountered in the 8 weeks of this module
Revisit your PDP submission in Week 4

To complete this PDP Assignment:
By Day 7 (Tuesday)

Write a critically reflective paper (1,000 words):

In completing the PDP, now in Week 8 reconsider the questions posed in Week 4:

How has the information that you have discussed across the entire class, researched and read helped you to understand the practice of academic research and the type of research skills that you have developed over your previous modules?
Have your ideas and views of academic research now changed?
How has your understanding of academic research and your own ability to conduct research developed?
How will you apply what you have learnt so far and overall when conducting future research?

Additionally, consider:

What is the importance of ethical conduct in research, and how might this influence any potential, future research projects that you undertake?

By Day 7 (Tuesday), submit your Personal Development Portfolio to the Turnitin Link provided.

This assignment is graded. See the rubric for specific grading criteria.