Personal Biases and Globalization in Professional Sports

Subject: Business    / General Business
Journal: Personal Biases and Globalization in Professional Sports. Class is SRM325: Case Research in Sports & Rec Management Explore three topics. First, review the content in the preface to the course text, and identify your personal biases when reading about the topics of importance to the business of sports. How do these biases color your perspective when you are reading about the topics? Next, focusing specifically on the globalization efforts of professional sports covered in chapter 3, explain the two most common ways that leagues create a global presence. Using your experiences, research from the course text, and at least one to two outside sources, demonstrate which approach is most effective. Finally, tie the ideas together. How do you see your own biases towards the activities of professional sports leagues in your reaction to the efforts to create global entities? How can you reframe your thinking to eliminate personal bias and aim to see all perspectives on all of the topics? Organize your ideas into a two to three page paper (not including title and reference pages), formatted in APA style.