Performance Measure Critique – PowerPoint Presentation

Performance Measure Critique – PowerPoint Presentation

In this assignment, students will create a PowerPoint presentation based on research performed on four categories of performance measures. Student will select two performance measures from each of the four categories and explain what the measure is used for and its usefulness and importance. Students will then discuss what potential actions an organization may consider based on the outcomes of the measures, how to address the gaps between historical information, short-term goals and objectives and the strategy to achieve the mission and vision.

In completing this assignment, students will meet the requirement of outcomes 4:

develop measures and assess outcomes against plans and standards to improve organizational effectiveness

Required Elements to include in Performance Measure Critique:

Presented below are several different types of performance measures.

human resource measures: performance evaluations, productivity reports, turnover, absenteeism, employee satisfaction survey

financial measures: profit/loss, return on investment, profit margin, change in level of sales, budget comparisons and analysis

market position measures: market share, size of company in comparison to competitors, global distribution and sales measures

product/service measures: customer satisfaction survey, rate of customer returns, product rate of failure, number of clients served Select two specific measures of each type or identify your own measures for each type; For each measure you have selected or identified, explain what the measure is, evaluate the usefulness and importance of the measure; Discuss what potential actions an organization may consider in light of the outcomes of the measure. You should have a total of eight measures, two for each type; How can organizations address the gap between performance measures that are derived from historical information and based on short-term goals and objectives and the strategy to achieve the mission, and vision? Explain. Required Formatting of Paper: Students will present between 14-18 PowerPoint slides; Include a title slide with your names, the course name, the date, and instructor’s name; Create a script to deliver the presentation using the notes pane of each slide to narrate the PowerPoint as if presenting to the class; Use APA formatting for in-text citations and references. You are required to use course material and at least two academic or highly respected publications, for a total of no less than three references; Each student should submit the PowerPoint presentation in the Assignment Folder and in the Discussion area