Predict two changes in the HR industry that could necessitate a change in long-range planning of HRIS needs and create a case which explains the reasons why an organization should take action regarding its HRIS based on your assessment of the future. Provide specific examples to support your response

Create an acronym to explain the key objectives of your performance management plan, and define and discuss each letter of the acronym.

Evaluate three reasons employees may react negatively to performance appraisals and discuss the validity of the employees’ position from your perspective.

Take a position on the following statement: “The process of setting an organization’s strategy should be the driving force in the establishment of all HR policies, programs, and practices,” from Mello, 2011, p. 115.
Imagine you are a consultant hired to evaluate an organization’s business strategy. Assess how to test the quality of an organization’s business strategy and the steps you would take to complete this assignment.