PEACE Domestic Violence Agency Organization Mission

Subject: Business    / Management

Write 700-1,000 words. Provide two references and in-text citations. Most of the work should be in your own words.

1. In general, describe how the needs and expectations of stakeholders can influence a program plan.
2. Re-read your chosen program scenario provided in Appendix B.
3. Recap your new program idea developed (Twenty-four Hour Interaction program). Use your proposed new program and agency scenario, and explain who the stakeholders are in this human service organization. Stakeholders may be the same or different for your scenario agency and the new program you have devised.
1. Through web research, find an organization that might provide funding for your new agency program. Be sure to provide the organization’s url that will link to the page related to your program’s needs.
2. Summarize the needs and expectations of each stakeholder listed, including the funding source. If the expectations are not clear on the funding source’s website, you will either need to dig further or consider another funding source.
3. How could these expectations of each stakeholder influence the program or evaluation plans?
4. Explain how the needs and expectations of each stakeholder listed above can be met.
5. Meeting these needs of all stakeholders will require compromise. Discuss where compromises will be needed, who will be affected, and what parts of the program might require alteration. Explain if there are needs that cannot be met and what you could to alleviate stakeholder concerns in this case.

Follow the writing format of:
1. In your introduction, tell the reader what you plan to cover in your paper
2. In the body of your written assignment, respond to each component of the assignment clearly and concisely
3. In your summary, tell the reader what you covered in your paper.