Part 1: Take a look at a web page that discusses the steps of the scientific method, for example, Make note of the steps in the scientific method and what happens when the validation of an hypothesis does not work out. Then, consider a geological problem in the area of historical geology. Describe the steps of the scientific method in terms of that problem. If you want ideas on possible problems for research in historical geology, be sure to read this chapter and pick one or two other chapters in the book and look at those for ideas. 

Part 2:Part 3: Go to Richard Harwood of Black Hawk College relative dating web page given bellow and complete the relative dating exercise. Record your answers to the exercise in a list and include in your word document. 
Harwood, Richard. Relative Dating #1. 12 10 2011. Web Page. 2 12 2012. Using web pages research the steps in the process of radiometric decay from parent Uranium-238 to Lead-206. ( e.g., List all the steps in the decay process, indicate whether alpha, beta, or other decay was involved in each step, give the time required for each step to take place (on average), and list the parent and daughter products in each step. You should find a dozen or more steps in this decay process.
Other useful sources:

University of Colorado . Radioactive Dating Game. 2011. PhET Interactive Simulations. Web Page. 2 12 2012. 

Additional Requirements 
Other Requirements: This is for an online lab