paraphraise these paragraphs

paraphraise these paragraphs

Can you paraphraise these paragraphs in a highly profissional way. If an expert read it againe he should not find out that it looks like each other. 
Scope of the project

Employee's relation concerns about how employees deal with themselves as
individuals , as in groups, employee to employer and finally employee to employee.
Developing and implementing many strategies to know how to react and deal with
everyone. Knowing the relation between each other can help individual to have a high
self-esteem and know their rights as employees and know all the regulations and laws
accordingly. Trying to know the relation between employees and others can help the
organization itself, better communication, happy and satisfied employees working for the
company. Managers should have a good relation with the employee as well for advanced
motivation and better outcome from the employee.

Focus of the Study

This report highlights on important issues conducted with:
1- Employers and employees' relationships and attitudes toward each other.
2- Emphasizing the psychological and environmental work factors that shape the
individuals and collective behavior.
3- Promoting ethical guidelines and concepts that positively contribute achieving
team spirit throughout the whole organization.

Significance of the study

An essential part of an organization is employee relation which affects the
company as a whole. Employee relations is a chain that starts with providing
secure work environment, sense of involvement, motivation, and effective
communication towards employees resulting in a hardworking , committed,
effective employee that will increase productivity , boost sales and generate
profits for the organization. Therefore, a healthy relationship between employer
and employees is essential for any successful company. Moreover, relations are
all about healthy and strong communication. Living in a world surrounded by
humans, our purpose at work is not just to finish our duties and leave but how to
create relations. When employees go to work they should feel like they are going
to their home so that they can perform their best, feeling that they are surrounded
by family, not enemies. We should trust our colleagues and engage in teamwork.
In addition, in order to avoid problems like conflicts, absenteeism or even
favoritism organizations should establish guidelines that involve treating
employees fairly, motivating them providing bonuses? so that the employee will
feel he is vital part of the organization.