Course outcome addressed in this Assignment:

PA201-1: Cite primary and secondary legal sources using the legal Bluebook.

GEL-6.5: Use electronic libraries/databases for research purposes.


Watch the tutorials available at the link below before completing the Assignment:

Source: Westlaw Campus Research Tutorials. Retrieved from
1. After viewing the tutorials on finding a case in Westlaw, please locate the following legal sources. Give the proper Bluebook citation for the source and also one paragraph summary of its contents: 1. Case: 393 U.S. 503 [the case came out in 1969]
2. Case: 655 S.E.2d 232
3. Statute: 29 U.S.C. §621
4. Statute: Minn. Stat. §169.20

2. Please provide a working link to state legal resources from your state. Most states put all their laws on their state webpage. For example, Indiana’s webpage is 1. Your state constitution
2. Your state statutes
3. Your state administrative regulations
4. Your state court opinions

3. Jerry Newhouse made an appointment with your legal office to discuss an incident that happened to him in a local Michigan paint store. After you, as the lead paralegal, read his initial legal firm questionnaire you learned that he was shopping for paint at Lion’s Paint Store located in your hometown of Michigan. The questionnaire form states that he was shopping for paint. He slipped and fell on an open container of spilled base paint located in the third aisle of the paint store.
Jerry was taken to the local clinic and was diagnosed with a broken wrist and a slipped disc in his lower back. He was admitted to one night of observation. The incident has caused him to miss many days of work. The diagnosis will be three months of intensive physical therapy. Unfortunately, Jerry does not have healthcare insurance. Recently widowed, he is a young single father with a very energetic and curious 4-year old daughter.

Lion’s manager claims that the store was not aware of the spill paint. The store has a policy that requires a designated employee to check the aisles for hazards at the top of the hour every hour. The day Jerry fell, the employee in charge of the aisle inspection was an older gentleman with glasses. The paint on the floor was a clear liquid. He fell about 10:30 a.m. The store employee initialed the inspection form at 10:00 a.m. certifying that an inspection was completed.

4. Please provide the following information:1. What sources would you use in order for you to represent him to the best of your ability? Describe your research process.
2. Conduct a search on Westlaw. Provide one source that your search yielded and provide a short summary of that source.


Please review the Assignment grading rubric in for more information on how your Assignment will be graded.

Submitting Your Work

Put your responses in a Microsoft Word document. Save it in a location and with the proper naming convention: username ***
1. Click the link that says “Submit an Assignment.”
2.In the “Submit to Basket” menu, select Unit x: Assignment.
3. In the “Comments” field, make sure to add at least the title of your paper.
4. Click the “Add Attachments” button.
5. Follow the steps listed to attach your Word document.

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