1) One 1/2 page space only, in graphic form (picture), show from an aerodynamic point of view why an aircraft is flying and staying up in the air? I assume you all have traveled by air and perhaps have asked yourself the question how come that this immense monster can take off into the air and is not dropping out of the sky?
2) On the other 1/2 page space only, in graphic form (picture), show what it takes from a business point of view for a company to take off / to start and succeed in an overseas expansion? In this course you have learned all about the measures that it takes to go global?
3) On the second page, as you look at the two graaphs or pictures you created, try to explain what the two very different scenarios have in common and what we can learn from this comparison.?
Should you have any questions, please go to the "Ask the Instructor" Forum and I might be able to give you some hints in your response to this challenge! 
Have fun and give your creativity a chance to spin