Organizational Communication Analysis Part II – Interpersonal and Intercultural Paper

Subject: Communications / Mass Communication
Need help gettng started COM 480 Organizational Communication Analysis Part II – Interpersonal and Intercultural Paper Resource: The Virtual Organizations Portal Choose one of the three critical events listed below that would affect communication within your selected Virtual Organization: Leadership change such as a change in the chief executive officer or superintendent, political change, or major changes in management department head Reorganization such as a merger or takeover; change in community or industry image or stature; gaining or losing accreditation; political change; or major employment changes such as outsourcing, layoffs, expansion, and foreign labor Crisis within an industry Business: ethical violations, technological malfunction, major financial loss Schools: change in stature, ethical violations, violence, major gang or drug incident Health care: wrongful death, medication error, ethics violation Government: mismanagement of funds, ethical violations, lack of response or preparedness, conflicting parties Note. You must use your chosen critical event throughout all subsequent weekly assignments. Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper. Address how your selected Virtual Organizational critical event affects the following: Interpersonal communication ethics Perceptions of power Communication during conflict Intercultural and diversity conflict Communication climate Identify what communications theories apply to this organization. Explain how the application of a theoretical perspective would help the organization respond to this critical event. Describe how the implementation of effective communication strategies might help the organization overcome this negative situation and arrive at a positive outcome. Include a minimum of four academic sources. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.