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The critique of an epidemiologic study involves an assessment of the methods of data collection (which includes the type of study design), the analysis of the data and the interpretation of the data. For this application you are to read the following case control research article. After reading the article, complete the Case Control Template found in Doc Sharing.
Lamontagne, F., Garant, M., Carvalho, J., Lanthier, L., Smieja, M., & Pilon, D. (2008). Pneumococcal vaccination and risk of myocardial infarction. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 179(8), 773-777.

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Case-Control Study
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Article Citation in APA format: Pneumococcal vaccination and risk of
myocardial infarction. (2008, October 7). Retrieved July 15, 2014, from

Research Question:

Health Outcome of Interest:

Exposure(s) of Interest:

Diagnostic Criteria for Cases:

Case Ascertainment (include whether this was a single site or multi-site

Number of Cases (include information, if available, about the number
who participated and the number who refused; indicate whether any
information was provided about those who refused to participate):

Control Population (type/number/selection):

Type(s)/Method(s) of Data Collection (e.g. questionnaire, medical
records, whether or not there was any procedure for validating some or
the data):

Type of Data Analysis:

Results/Main Findings of Study:

Assessment of Bias (selection/information):

Assessment of Confounders:


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Other Requirements: This is for an Epidemiology Masters course. Thank you