Optimum TV/Digital Cable TV IMC Plan

BRAND of Selection/Topic: The product on which my Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign Plan (IMC Plan) is focused is a digital cable television that is commonly referred to as an Optimum TV. The digital cable television, Cablevision network, is provided by Altice USA.

Developing an integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan for a brand of your choice. Integrating marketing communications entails identifying a brand message and then conveying that brand message through a series of touch points that are relevant to the target customer.

Your final report should be about 10–15 pages, please use the APA format for your paper and references. Keep in mind that you should use a professional writing style. This should be based on business English, and involve the correct use of marketing terminology. Use tables to summarize your information. A report is more likely to be implemented effectively if it is brief, but sufficiently detailed, clear, and relevant. Remember to experiment with the demand metric tools that are included in the Week 6 Lecture, these may give you some ideas for organizing your campaign. For each of your communications strategy plans, you should identify a specific objective, a media strategy, a media plan, and a budget. You are asked to provide the five typical options that form the communications strategy mix. Marketers must think about how they need to match competitors or provide novelty, you may want to substitute a campaign for something different—check this out with your professor.

You should include the following sections/headings in your draft and final write up.

Executive summary (1 page long, written last as a summary of the entire paper)


IMC objectives

Market analysis

Communications strategy plans

Traditional Media
Direct marketing
Sales promotion
Public relations (PR)


document attached is a guideline

Also, I started the paper I need help in a couple of the sections. I need help fixing certain sections.