Peppers, D., Rogers, M., & Dorf, B. Is your company ready for one-to-one marketing? Harvard Business Review 77.1 (1999): 151.
SEE BELOW FOR the article critique template, and use it as a basis to critique the article. Based on the information you include in the template, write a minimum of a five page article critique using APA format.
Article Critique Template
• Synopsis
• Significance and importance

1. Give a brief (one paragraph) synopsis; summary of the article. What is it about?
2. What is the significance of the article? How is this topic relevant to the course work?
• Language
• Format
• Marketing merit
• Completeness
• Problems
• Benefits

1. Is the language used in the article objective, well supported, and professional? Or, is it more subjective, in layman’s terms, and based on personal opinion?
2. Was the article in proper format? Did it follow APA guidelines?
3. Did the article contribute to the body of knowledge of marketing? How?
4. Was the article well written? Was it easy to follow? Did any of the areas presented need further follow up or information?
5. What were the three main problems identified in the article?
6. What are the three main benefits or contributions to the field of marketing presented in this article?
• Additional research
• Strengths, opportunities, and improvements
• Overall opinion and final thoughts

1. What additional areas of research were needed in this article?
2. What were the articles main strengths? Weaknesses? Opportunities for improvement?
3. What is your overall opinion of this article? Would you recommend it as required reading for students studying marketing? Would you recommend it to your friends or family members who are interested in this topic? Why, or why not?