Subject: Business    / Management

1. Which one of the following is notan organizational factor that contributes to power corruption?

Select one:
a. Formal and closed communication.

b. Focus on short-term goals.

c. Performance-based hiring.

d. Centralized decision making.

2. ___________ and __________ are both different types of transactional leadership.
Select one:

a. Follower maturity; power

b. Individualized attention; charisma

c. Contingent reward; management by exception

d. Intellectual stimulation; inspiration

3. Leaders who want to implement transformational leadership concepts in their organizations must provide a vision and establish personal relationships with followers.

Select one:

True or False

4. Regarding the use of power, managers in late career stages must:

Select one:

a. empower others

b. build their network

c. train their replacement

d. let go of power

5. Teams can gain power by reducing uncertainty for others in their organization. Which of the following is not one of the uncertainty reduction methods?

Select one:

a. gathering information

b. prediction of upcoming changes

c. prevent changes from affecting the organization

d. preventing change from happening

6. The research on charismatic leadership has revived the interest in leadership.

Select one:

True or False

7. In both laissez faire and management by exception, the leader only interacts with followers to correct or punish.

Select one:

True or False

8. Young leaders in early stages of their career should focus on building their power through demonstrating their expertise and competence.

Select one:

True or False

9. __________ is power vested in a formal position.

Select one:

a. control power

b. persuasion

c. authority

d. influence

10 . In not more than 40 words. Explain why many leaders begin to think of themselves above the rules that apply to the average person and how that contributes to abuse of power. Why is it then that the business world continues to support staggering salaries and benefits for business executives?

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