The purpose of this project is to analyze the current situation, and makes specific recommendations based on what you have learned in this class with the overall objective to fix the problems and get the “Portland Plant” back on track for profitability.

The goals of this paper are to:
• Demonstrate a clear application of the knowledge gained in class, readings and experiences.
• Challenge your innovativeness and ability to visualize the operations of a company.
• Encourage exploration outside of lecture and text for relevant facts, information and ideas.

Expectations for the project:
• Clearly written & professionally prepared
• Innovative thoughts
• Realistic inputs, assumptions, and strategies

. Introduction – Include the root problem using “why-why” analysis.

“The purpose of this paper is to….. by ……with recommendations……”

II. Analysis – include points below

• Operations Strategy and Performance
o Time-line, observations, and assumptions
o Performance Objectives; identify and discuss top performance objectives and include the Polar representation as a visual
• Operations Design
o Identify & Describe “Process Type”, and Inputs & Outputs
o Map the process
o Clearly state Core Competency and explain your choice
o Discuss and agree on optimal forecast method
o Design Process layout and suggest appropriate technology
o Identify organization Type, and include the role of cross-functional teams
• Planning and Control
o Document and explain “Drum, Buffer, Rope”
o Select and justify best production approach (push vs. pull)
o Recommend and justify optimal inventory approach; include verification process
o Develop quality approach; suggest tools to manage, measure, and assess quality
o Write CSR statement and discuss the commitment to sustainable goals, the quality of life of the workforce, and the needs of stakeholders - [Our Vision is to….]

III. Conclusion & Recommendation