Nutrition Manager

You have just been hired as a Clinical Manager at St. Agastine Hospital. As you enter the workforce you realize that overall employee morale is low and they feel overworked.

The following is the job description for your position:
Responsible for management of clinical nutrition services.  Oversees daily operation of clinical nutrition services through performance and supervision of staff dietitians and diet assistants. Coordinates clinical nutrition functions of diet office, dietitians, hostesses, and operation of outpatient nutritional services.  Performs positive and corrective counseling, performance evaluations and completes work schedules. Responsible for clinical nutrition services performance improvement projects, report completion and presentation. Represents nutrition department with membership in hospital committee groups and serves as primary liaison to Medical and Nursing Staff.  Plans and provides nutritional care to patients by interpreting and adapting physician prescribed diets to individual needs and preferences and counsels patients about their food requirements, eating habits, and the essentials of nutrition.  Special skills that are required include age-related knowledge of nutritional needs, effective oral and written communication, an understanding of food service management, and ability to demonstrate effective interaction with all levels of employees.  Reports to the Food Service Director.

Describe using about 10 management concepts that you have learned so far in the class how you would manage this Human Resource issue.  Essay can run from one to two pages. Highlight the management jargon as you explain your course of actions.

Eg.  Team building is a usual outcome of inservices. In order to increase employee morale, I would offer monthly inservice trainings to the food service employees. Topics would include customer service, preparing for JCAHO……

1-2 pages