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Assignment 1: Reflective Paper (3 – 4 page double spaced paper. Cover page necessary and not part of page limit; no citations or reference page needed. But if you provide a reference it must be cited correctly. APA allows the use of first person tense, i.e. the use of ‘I” in writing self reflection papers and this tense is expected in this paper).

Health care professionals must demonstrate the ability to improve patient care, evaluate their care of patients based on self-evaluation and life-long learning.Thus this paper gives you the opportunity to do a self-reflection.

Very early in the course, one of the first chapters discussed the six QSEN competencies. You can view these competencies at

These competencies are expected of students who graduate with a baccalaureate degree in nursing.

In your self- reflective paper, address the following questions:

What opportunities exist for you to get involved in Quality and Patient Safety in your organizational setting?

Identify your 3 major strengths in one of the QSEN pre-licensure competencies – 1 Knowledge, 1 Skill, 1 Attitude. (Your paper is brief thus you cannot discuss strengths in all KSAs in each of the six competencies, so choose one competency and discuss a strength in each of its associated KSA.

Choose and identify 3 limitations – 1 K, 1 S, 1 A in one of the QSEN pre-licensure competency. Your paper is brief thus you cannot discuss all limitations in each of the KSAs for each of the six competencies. What do you need change in these 3 areas? Discuss activities that you will pursue to address these gaps in knowledge, skills, and attitudes which you will use for professional improvement.

What barriers do you see that stand in the your way for creating a meaningful and useful change in your professional improvement? What can you do to eliminate these barriers?

Submit Assignment to the Module 5 Blackboard Assignment 1 submission area by end of day Friday of Module 5.

2. Format:

Paper length: 3 – 4 pages double-spaced (not counting title page and reference page if applicable)

Follow APA format including title page, pagination, margins, levels of headings, running head, citations, and references (if citations and references are applicable).

Use headings: Opportunities, Strengths, Limitations and Activities to Improve KSA, Barrier Elimination

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