Need help calculating the chart. Pulled info from textbook in reference to the area of photovoltaic cells column. Percentage and amount per square foot is listed in the word document in bold` format. Thanks in advance.

Calculating Ecological Footprints- Chapter 16

Assume that average per capita residential consumption of electricity is 12 kilowatt-hours per day, that photovoltaic cells have an electrical output 15% incident solar radiation, and that PV panels cost $1,000 per square meter.  Estimate the area and cost of the PV panels needed to provide all of the residential electricity used by each group in the table. 

	Area of photovoltaic cells	Cost of photovoltaic cells
You	5.5	
A resident of Arizona	6.5	
A resident of Alaska	4.5	
Total for all  U.S. residents	5.0	
1.	What additional information would you need to increase the accuracy of your estimates for the areas in the table above?
2.	Considering the distribution of solar radiation in the United States, where do you think it will be most feasible to greatly increase the percentage of electricity generated from photovoltaic solar cells?
3.	The purchase price of the photovoltaic system is considerable. What other costs and benefits should you consider, in addition to the purchase price, when contemplating “going solar”?