NAFTA has become one of the most controversial

Subject: Economics / General Economics
NAFTA has become one of the most controversial international issues facing the U.S. today. However, with almost twenty years of experience, there has been the opportunity for follow­up research on its varied impacts. Prepare a written analysis of the impact of NAFTA on a particular
industry or several related industries. You could also analyze NAFTA’s overall impact on the U.S. and Mexican economies. A particularly interesting aspect would be to look at the shift in manufacturing from northern industrial states such as Ohio to southern Sunbelt states such as Texas. How much of this was due to NAFTA? There are many outside reference sources given the timely nature of this topic. An excellent data source is the Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration’s Trade Stats Express:
The World Bank has prepared several reports related to NAFTA:­20­years­2014­02.pdf­
1126812419270/21.Naftat.pdf This assignment will count as your participation grade for ECON 6341. You may use any style
format for your references (MLA, APA, Turabian, or Chicago) but it is important to be
consistent. Make sure you provide correct citations to outside material in footnote format. Use 12
point font, normal 1.15 inch margins, and 1.5 line spacing for your paper. The length of paper
will vary with the detail of your analysis but it should be around 3-5 pages of text (excluding
tables/charts). A Turnitin file on Blackboard will be created for you to submit the assignment.
Turnitin will check for any plagiarism from outside reference sources as well as from other
students in the class.\

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