Subject: Business    / Management

Using the LTC 501 and 502 manuals as resources, create a 17+ slide presentation using the topics below (15 slides for content, plus a title slide and at least one slide for references/appendices). Your final presentations will be at least 17 slides, including the title page and reference page.

Please choose 15 topics of interest to you from the LTC 501 and 502 manuals which you believe are paramount/important to the field of athletic administration. Once you have chosen your topics, develop your PowerPoint presentation utilizing themes, clip art or multi-media elements to convey your understanding of the nuances of the profession. Remember to be thorough and concise. Please be cognizant of Bucchi’s (2012) academic PowerPoint notes.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

character development
written correspondence
dealing with parental complaints
developing relationships with stakeholders
education-based athletics
coaching character traits
coaching philosophy
coaching as a teaching station
the role of the NFHS in interscholastic athletics
NIAAA certification program
governance structure of the NIAAA
the NIAAA code of ethics
RAA vs. CAA vs. CMAA
athletic budgeting
coaching stipends
facility scheduling
conflict resolution
playing time issues
game/event management
sports marketing
coaching interview questions
emergency action plans
coaching contracts
booster clubs
harassment policies
athletic code policies
training rules
public relations
sport promotions
award/lettering policies
communication plan

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