Mr. Stanley is a 73-year old who was admitted

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Case Study Critique

Mr. Stanley is a 73-year old who was admitted for shortness of breath (SOB) 2 weeks ago. He was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis which was confirmed by a pulmonary function test (PFT). He is being discharged and you are asked to be involved in his discharge planning.

Your Assignment is to develop a care plan for this patient. A care plan is a personalized plan which addresses the patients’ needs, and includes ways to help manage the patient’s condition better. Your care plan should include all necessary actions needed to meet your patients’ goals. Mr. Stanley wants to be able to “breathe easier”.

Your care plan should include:

Treatments such as hyperinflation therapy and bronchopulmonary hygiene
Medications (be sure to include the delivery method for the medications and the reason for your choices)
Patient/family Education
Any other recommendations which will help Mr. Stanley to breathe better (think outside the box)
Submit your answers in at least 500 words on a Word document. You must cite at least three references in APA format to defend and support your position.

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