Mountain High RV Sales offers new and used recreational

Mountain High RV Sales offers new and used recreational

Subject: Business    / Management    


Mountain High RV Sales offers new and used recreational vehicles and campers. The company has a dealer network, but also maintains a Web site where prospective buyers and sellers can browse through the inventory of new and used vehicles. Mountain High has grown, and needs a new information system to manage the inventory, dealer operations, and information about prospective customers. Reed Perry, the owner, asked you to design sample computer screens and reports that the new system might produce.


1. Design a switchboard that includes the main information management functions that Mountain High might need. Create a storyboard with a design layout that allows customers to perform the following functions: Obtain information about new RVs and campers, obtain information about used vehicles, send an inquiry e- mail to Mountain High, learn more about the company, or review links to other RV camping- related sites.

2. Prospective buyers might want to search for RVs and campers by features, size, price range, or man-ufacturer. Develop a screen design that would permit those choices.

3. Suggest reports that might be useful to Mountain High’s management.

4. Suggest the general layout for a Web- based source document that prospective sellers could use to describe their RVs and campers. The information should include key features, manufacturer, year, length, asking price, and a field to upload photos.
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